Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blogging from 25,000 Feet

I'm sorry, but this is cool (see the graphic below).

Wifi on airplanes is not a new concept and though it's hardly one that's been perfected, I wanted to give Gogo props for a pretty cool touch. At any point in my flight , I'm able to see how high we're flying and how fast we're going.

It's probably not a terribly difficult thing for them to do, but in the age of social business where we all want more information, it's a nice touch.

As marketers and salespeople, we have a tendency to focus on the big initiatives and sometimes it's little things like this that have the ability to leave a positive impression. There are so many more touch points with customers than ever before, so being able to maximize each one is critical.

The next time you're in a marketing meeting, create a discussion around little things that you can do to put your customer first and improve their experience -- I guarantee the return will be visible.

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