Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Do You Want to Know?

Cute, right?
I might be letting the cat out of the bag (which an expression that I've never really understood because I don't know why you'd put a cat in a bag, ever, but I'll go with it), but I'm pretty stoked about Ektron's sixth annual Synergy Conference this November. It's always a great opportunity to mingle with clients and prospective clients as well as Ektron implementation and technology partners.

However, this year's lineup of speakers is pretty damn impressive. You've got one of the top Digital authorities, an extremely well-respected author credited with creating the concept of Mobile First, the engine behind and the freakin Godfather of Responsive Web Design, among others. 

I'm honored to announce that I will be putting my name up alongside theirs (though I really need to work on a tagline -- is "Creator of Everything Awesome, and Bacon", taken already?). Which leads to my question -- what do you want to know?

I know that you're all dying to tap into the bottomless pit of wisdom that is my brain, so I'll reign it back a little and share that my session is going to be focused around social media strategies and trends, and how Ektron can support these initiatives (is that generic enough to leave mistique around it?). What could I talk about that would guarantee your interest in attending my session above all others (because after all, all that really matters is who's session has the most attendees)?

I can promise the following:
  • I will answer any question about any topic that you can think of, because that's what usually happens with social media
  • I'm going to create a hashtag just for my session, cuz I'm like that
  • I will quote (or use lyrics in an analogous way) from at least one song from the 80's, 90's, and 00's (and I am open to requests)
  • There might be prizes (also open to requests)
  • I will actively encourage you during the session to constantly check your mobile device (but only for social media purposes, and only if you're saying nice things about me!)
  • There might be a special guest or two
  • There might be booze (ok, that's a lie, but it's a good way to boost attendance).

The conference is in Washington, D.C. (REGISTER HERE) and starts the day after that little election thing. If you can make it, I guarantee it will, if nothing else, be entertaining...

So, what do you want to know?

Be sure to look for Tweets with the hashtag #EktronSynergy for the latest!

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