Monday, April 4, 2011

The Power of eSync

Ektron’s eSync synchronization technology is a real differentiator in a marketplace filled with products that have a lot of similar capabilities. Ektron’s eSync provides the ability to manage content and code changes across multiple environments, without having to manually move changes from one instance to the next.

So How’s It Work?
Let’s say that you’re a large, international operation with offices around the globe. You definitely don’t want any users authoring content or testing out new development in production, so you setup a staging site where authors can create all their content and a development site for developers to test out new functionality.

To move changes from one environment to the next with most content management systems, you’ll need to create some kind of manual process using a collection of tools such as FTP/file backups/database backups/etc. and the like. Or, you’ll be restricted to a virtual staging type model, where it may appear that there are several instances, but they’re all really tied to one database (this should be a red flag for IT as this creates a single point of failure!).

With Ektron’s eSync synchronization technology, you can simply schedule the eSync process to run using our intuitive interface, and all of your content and code changes will be automatically moved from one instance to the next. Pretty powerful, huh?

But let’s take this further. Let’s say that you have hosting operations in multiple data centers for redundancy, staging sites on each continent for local authoring, and disaster recovery servers in Canada because really now, what could ever go wrong in Canada? eSync allows you to manage data across all of these environments and can be configured to connect and share content and assets across all of those instances with ease. Check out the two videos linked below and you’ll see what I mean.

eSync for Everyone!
Make no mistake -- eSync was created for the enterprise. Global content and file sharing was a primary motivation for its development, so you should always be thinking of ways you can use it to make those processes more efficient.

For example, if you’re a Fortune 500 company with a corporate website and 40 regional sites, you can use eSync to take news releases from the corporate site and automatically push them down to the regional sites.

If you’re a national association looking to build chapter websites on a shoestring budget, eSync can help deploy these sites quickly and more cost efficiently by sharing functionality developed for one, with all of them.

Ektron eSync really allows you to think outside the box. And for all of you that just spent the last four minutes humming Huey Lewis and The News "Power of Love" (as I did the entire time I was writing this), this is for you:

Ektron eSync for Marketers

Ektron eSync for Developers

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