Thursday, February 2, 2012

New post featured on

So, some pretty exciting news. I am now a featured blogger on, so you'll have to work just a tad harder to keep up with all the excitement since you'll be redirected over there... Here's the info about my inaugural post:

The social media train continues to move forward, fast. Are you onboard?

"When it comes to social collaboration and community, I imagine that if you have a full time job in marketing or sales, you probably aren't devoting enough time to social. I get it, time is precious… But I suggest you reconsider.Recently, I was in a new employee was handed the keys to the Twitter account and Facebook page for their organization (Note: this is a multi-billion dollar organization). Upon checking the Twitter page, the last update was several months in the past meaning in the digital world, followers likely assumed that the organization was in trouble or understaffed..."


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